UAMS Psychiatric Research Instutute

BIRC operates under the UAMS Psychiatric Research Instutute in the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, visit their site for information on the facilites at UAMS in which we are located. UAMS Psychiatric Rsearch Institute

MRI policies and procedures

For information on the policies and procedures regarding MRI and the research projects we allow and support, please view the document by clicking on the following link: Policies and procedures document

MRI safety

We have a zero tolerance policy for MRI accidents. All study personnel that interact with patients or the MRI environment must receive MRI Safety training. It is essential that all personnel, from phone screeners to principal investigators, be aware of the potential dangers of MRI and be able to communicate these dangers to participants. As such, we have mandatory online training in MRI safety for all study personnel. MRI safety training must be completed by all study personnel prior to the start of any MRI study. For MRI safety training, please visit the following link: MRI safety training

Presentation software

Analysis software