Brain Imaging Research Center

Founded in 2009 as a brain imaging technology center of excellence, the UAMS BIRC is an integral neuroimaging research resource within the new Psychiatric Research Institute (PRI). Our primary aim is to explore the neuroscience of human behavior in healthy and patient populations. The BIRC (3764 sq ft) consists of three contiguous functional spaces on the ground floor of the PRI. An 838 sq ft public space houses a receptionist area, waiting room, rest rooms, clinical reading room, store room, and janitor's facilities. The 1231 sq ft scanner space houses a scanner room, control room, equipment room, and a changing room. The 997 sq ft Image Processing and Analysis Lab (IPAL) houses provides cutting-edge multimodal magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) data processing and analysis.

Stimulus delivery and response recording

Presentation software

Analysis software